Advanced Pediatric Gastroenterology Announcing Capsule Endoscopy

Dear Pediatricians,

As you may know, Advanced Pediatric Gastroenterology has recently incorporated PillCam® capsule endoscopy into our practice. PillCam SB for imaging the small bowel aids in diagnosing patients with iron deficiency anemia, suspected Crohn's disease, unexplained obscure GI bleeding and suspected small bowel tumors. Over 1000 peer-reviewed articles have been published about PillCam capsule endoscopy since its approval in 2001, confirming that PillCam SB for imaging the small bowel has superior diagnostic efficacy.

The PillCam® video capsule is a disposable, miniature video camera contained in a capsule that can be easily swallowed by patients. As the capsule moves through the patient's GI tract, it wirelessly transmits high quality color images (2/second) to a data recorder worn around the patient's waist. PillCam® capsule endoscopy is now covered by many of the insurance plans in our area including Blue cross and blue shield, Aetna, United Health Care, Humana, APIPA.

Our experience with PillCam® capsule endoscopy has been extremely positive. Our kids have found the procedure to be simple and comfortable, and we believe the procedure is a valuable diagnostic tool. As many of your patients could benefit from this procedure, we encourage you to contact us at 623-825-5200 for additional information.


Sanjeev Khurana, M.D.

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